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The Plow

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Seen to be missing my car, seem to taken instead by parachuting even parasailing to a mountain-top, one miraculously, even frightfully looking down, even over the entire circumference of New York. There’s something about New York, about getting to high places, about abiding under the shadow of the almighty all on the map., 11/14/2008


I keep seeing his slothful, nailed scarred hands and feet dangling over the arms of those who dared to request his body of Pilate. I see a face, that is no longer a face, but a bruised and maimed lump of human-less tissue. I see the stripes by which we were made whole cut deep and even deeper into his innocent flesh. I see the Christ of the almighty God of heaven and earth stripped of everything his Father hath given him, his birth, his flesh, his blood and his life. I see the faces of the multitudes now wondering what evil hath they done. I keep seeing Jesus lifeless body and the eterna…