The Plow

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Seen to be missing my car, seem to taken instead by parachuting even parasailing to a mountain-top, one miraculously, even frightfully looking down, even over the entire circumference of New York. There’s something about New York, about getting to high places, about abiding under the shadow of the almighty all on the map., 11/14/2008


I keep seeing his slothful, nailed scarred hands and feet dangling over the arms of those who dared to request his body of Pilate. I see a face, that is no longer a face, but a bruised and maimed lump of human-less tissue. I see the stripes by which we were made whole cut deep and even deeper into his innocent flesh. I see the Christ of the almighty God of heaven and earth stripped of everything his Father hath given him, his birth, his flesh, his blood and his life. I see the faces of the multitudes now wondering what evil hath they done. I keep seeing Jesus lifeless body and the eternal battle it won…From Poetry Rising, 3rd stanza, Wr. 08/10/1997 P. A. Bradford, Apostle, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM)…

The collapse 1986

Hear Thee A Shepherd Song 06/21/2004

The Parable Of The Plow

-The Kingdom of this world is liken unto a mankind given a particular schematic from birth. Now you must realize this is a program that by law, governments and prosperity is given to all those existing on this planet. What this important diagram consist of is a puzzle like exaction when once discovered is found to be one million gray alike pieces all modeled onto a darker design of gray.
-Evenly once constructed it' a picture of a family, yes, father, mother, sons and daughters, even grand’s, it's all according to the extent the family has grown. The Father and sons all have their shoulders and backs positioned with brute force, as does the mother with her daughters have flat palms, backs and everything else. Seemingly all this physical and brute force they're to think of is at the ass of a horse, whose head is at the backward compartment of a heavy loaded wagon and this ceaseless labor that is visibly for nought is all called achieving the American Dream. -Now since all people, from all walk of life. This mean people big and small, highly intelligent and of peasantry, those celebrity and those living in slums are all performing this greatest achievement while non are to question the improbability and preposterousness of it all. Of course this isn't to mean there's not those who stray away to certain points of exertions and endeavors to figure for themselves, this fragile achievement. Understandably whatever it maybe to another way, their own way, although soon, very soon, they're right back at this defining, yet senseless point. We'll call this path, or this devilish pathogen, the land of the free. -Notwithstanding one day a few of these sons, we'll call them John, Peter and Jacob see a strange thing, they see a cracked door, and even from the distant they see a man, we'll call him Emmanuel. In step with the unexplainable in this man's hand they see what can't be possible so they stray away from the push to get a better look and see. "My goodness", they're to sound off at realizing all the more at seeing a new thing, this man also has a schematic only it has a white background with a dark image.
-Continuing, in the image, all that is holy there's a horse, yes there's also a wagon, only, "O my god!" The horse is instead set with pulls and hauls at being attached to the wagon draw. Nevertheless; as Peter take one of the drawings into his hand what is even more shocking, there's a man. Cleverly one single man and he nor his entire household are neither this loaded wagon or this horse push or pull, but shockingly it's passenger. "Come on Peter," as one shaking an impending head at him, as so the others, was this image simply too ordinary to be this extraordinary. "That can't be, look at it, I am John looking at it, it's so simply it's hair-raising, even terrifying. Terrifying yes, now put it back and lets go, but what if it's right, what if it's the missing link?" "Right?" As one showing himself disapproved was brother Jacob trying to get them all out of there, as it's reality alone had to be trouble. "The missing link huh, what's right about it?" "Come on Jake," as one contacting the revelational image like so "you know what I mean." "It's so simple it's miraculous, yeah but what about our design Peter, what about what we've believed all these years?" "Yeah Pete are you saying they're all wrong, that our school masters were wrong?" "That our church leaders were misleading, yeah John including our collegiate professors?" "That this is the year 2004 and everything we've achieved for the last two millennial were crooked?" "How about our government and all their various houses, parties Pete, it's to make up, are they as well wrong?" "Don't you get it Pete," as one dotting tense fingers into the skillfull illustration, "say this placement, this curriculum is right and you're saying that some of the most highly knowledgeable philosophers ever are all faulty?" "Maybe it's not that they're wrong," as one flexing and worming at getting away from them taking a hold of him, for to convince him, "just miscal-culated." "Miscalculated Pete?" As those designing an arrogant look his way, Jacob nor John were accepting this heinous interruption. "Misrepresented you say, some of the greatest scholars and scholar-ships ever born from the woman?" "I don't think we were suppose to see, to see, something has happen," as those perceiving frightfully, concerningly there was now a revolt being made against this man, against his sorely questionable ad. "Ah my god they're taking him, see Pete," as those laying additional hands on him as to guide him their way did they have to make a graceful exit. "I told you we better, what are, they," as one suspecting their every move was John all the more astonished at them, "are they going to beat him?" "They're going to beat us if we don't get out of here, yeah, we best get back to papa, to the push, you know, before he and the others kill themselves." "What about this?" As one holding the tell, tell all outline to their view, truly were they to simply pretend it didn't exist? "What about this way?" "Are you crazy?" He still had it, John nor Jacob could believe Peter still had that injurious drawing. "I think they're gonna kill him, don't look", as one covering the eyes of his concern little brother, that he's to protect him from all the violence. "Just don't you look ok, and you, you throw that away!" "Why, I found it, it was meant to be, actually, we found it, it's meant for us all." "Can't you see there is no, why not Jake, huh, John, because it's the truth, because it's could save our parents and us in ways never imagined, save us from the push." "Can't you see, that is the most deadly and dangerous reality ever, it's not going to happen," as one getting powerfully in his face with rage and toil, had they more than seen what happen to it's messenger. "It'll never be allowed, never!" I'm going to keep it," as one instead folding the scandalous parchment into his pocket, indeed what could it hurt? "I'm to take it just in case, in case what Pete, this all fall?" "That's exactly what I mean, in case it all fall."

Plow II


-Well?” “Well what?” Sitting into a very skimpy dinner after brothers John and Jacob, was mom and dad out and away, “we know you went back, so what happen to him?” “Yeah did they, we tried it,” cutting in on baby brothers’ suspicions did Jacob as well for safety fan a curious awareness back. “We tried what we saw on the drawing, ah my god you didn’t?” "And?” “And it worked,” hesitatively though pointedly admitting “worked until we lost the wagon down pleasant hill,” excitedly describing their folly was John quite tickled. “You didn’t lose the mount did you?” “No,” yet laughing to say, “O Bethel is fine, it pulled us Pete in the wagon for a couple miles before we lost the road do you hear me?” “And no one saw you?” Stuffing his face with soft bread quite famish he was shocked they'd taken this risk. “Are we dead?” “By the way they killed him, the one with the drawing, first they meddled him something awful, beat him just as bad, then they ran nails through him until he died.” “Killed him?” Horrifying little John most of all but he suspected the worse, “but why would they do a thing like that?” “It was nothing but a drawing." "Nothing but an illustration to better us all with, no little John, Pete was right in the beginning, it’s the missing link, and it’s to take a powerfully humble man to admit his errors and to accept it’s divine innovation, as so it’s nuisance.” “And his name,” using the back of his hand at swabbing his leaking nose “Emmanuel, I wonder that mean?” “God, that John, he’s present with us, that he’s John no longer far from us but so near us we can touch him." "You know like we can contact, understand and mimic that special drawing, God is just as real.” “Killed him?” Pushing nervous hands into fitted pockets at standing, at modeling a disturbed sort as himself against the nearest wall what did this mean? “How serious is this?” “It’s not that serious is it?” “It’s to change everything entirely Jacob we’ve believed in and instructed of this globe for the ancient, yes but it’s so helpful, so perfect, how can it be such a bother?” “One word Little John, threat, it’s to threaten all things surrounding every aspect of life and living on this planet.” “If we’re to understand it we’re only passing through, that as we’re to further this oblivious cause we’re to discover there’s this vast wilderness of sin.” “That in this cosmic boondocks of offense there's two ladders for climbing up, twain objectives as you’re to choose one or the other for to straddle them both is dangerous and eventually you’re to fall to your death.” “One John you’re to mount on this upward and seemingly all that glitter is gold and fame and carnival with all the world seeking there-after thinking they’re increased and have no need.” “This while the other ascending rationale presents no visible tinsel, nor bullion, only a tree, a divine hierarchy arrayed with fruit and a sign bearing the inscription the tree of life, the second life, take, eat and live.” “And the first climb up it’s doesn’t have a tree?” “Yes, but not at first sight, it’s present only as you’ve climbed, eaten and made yourself, your temptations and lust fat with an addictive." "With literally contagious dissatisfying hunger do you even begin to realize it’s the tree of life unto immortal death.” “That as you begin to partake you’re regularly losing your footing and you’re beginning to fall, tumbling and screaming to your death never to be seen or heard of again.” “But it signal life, yes the life John you must past through from birth and the grim reaper awaiting as promised and prophesied at it’s denunciation.” “I don’t understand,” showing himself doubtful mightily, “how do you know these things, yeah,” was little John himself at joining brother Jacob “like where is our brother Peter?” “It have to be because I was there with him just that little time, he made that much sense, had that much wisdom.” “Did he bareforth that manner of recovery and liberate, I don’t know any other way of explaining it.”
“John?” Seeing he’s to raise a resistant hand out of a sizeable, tear jerking break-down, “I’m ok,” barely saying into a just as consuming invasion, “I’ll be ok.” “We’re in trouble aren’t we, if we want to practice what that gentleman portrayed, we’re in trouble right?” “Just a little bit, a little bit Pete, my eye,” dotting tense fingers as himself, as his heart into the kitchen table.“ “Everybody have forms, types, everyone from the least to the greatest, from the King to the peasant all have this variety, this kind but none of them are to follow this humanitarian leader’s design am I wrong or right?” “I don’t know Jacob why every human being on this planet won’t worship the supreme God according to this Immanuel?” “Hence laying aside all jealousy, blasphemy, hatred (religion) and every evil work deeming us perfect as our Father Creator in heaven is perfect? “I mean we’re all just passing through right?” “We’re all by way of bringing nothing here, at taking nothing out in one direction and two final destinations, the marriage supper of the Lamb or the great white throne judgment.” “Henceforth eventually bringing an end to all pain, sorrows, death, at eradicating all tears, the final enemy being slain would be death as the former things past away.” “That is what the entire heavenly host by a divine pre-destination of the law, the prophets, the woman’s seed, Christ’s Cross and the day of Pentecost (The Apostles), all good and perfect gifts descending down from the Father Of Lights have done thus why don’t we follow suit?” “Peter’s right,” flopping sickly, even worriedly into a seat “we’re in a whole lot of trouble.” "What is all this standing and worrying about?” “Dad?” Straightly noting the hour, how would they explain not being at and completing their chores. “You’re home early, yes and I see you boys yet have to retrieve Bethel’s haul, we were just on our way out,” slapping some work gloves into his palm, into each other their palms “especially since we have O Pete here back.” “I think we got something to show you dad, what?” Thought-provoking brother Jacob something awful “I think Jake it's now or never, what you boys got to show me?” “I knew the three of you were figuring something." "It’s nothing bad dad,” as a loving, younger son at throwing his arm around his father’s shoulders, “it’s not gonna hurt or anything.” “It better not, I had a hard enough time in the fields today, old stable got the runs and ran all over me if you know what I mean.” “Well hopefully dad, days like that are over, I don’t see how son, but I’m coming along ain’t I?”

The Plow III


-Have he come out yet, said anything?” “No,” sorrowfully
pressing his hands into fitted pockets at coming into a better interview, “John John seem to think he’s afraid.” “You do know Pete something else has to be involved here, something I don’t know, illusive, how is it people weren’t to know the horse should’ve gone before the cart unto both it and the passengers haul?” “Think Jacob about what you’re asking, neither of us knew until we saw that now questionable illustration." "An illustrate I remind you I saw a person die a brutal death for, you really think John John that’s the reason Papa haven’t spoken to us in days?” Sitting into the table where John sat until now just a by-stander, but indeed had their papa so stirred. “Maybe we never should’ve shown it to him, he’s the one that's suppose to be leading us not us him, just maybe his feelings are hurt.” “Well it’s not like any of us have to follow the illustrate, ah come on Pete,” displaying himself ruffled at the very insinuation that they're to ignore it all, was silly. “Now that we’ve seen it, touched it and even tried it how will we honestly return back to the push, Honestly?” “Jacob told you not to bring it, to leave it right were you found it but nall you had to be the smart butt.” “Stop bickering among yourselves, finally were their father to again commune with them, good ad they werfalling apart. “We’ve discovered another way, a seeming sons flawless directive we must decide sensibly what to do next.” “Now you say the one presenting it name was Immanuel?” “Yes father, and that means God with us?” "Again father yes, well I’ve spent the last few days sharing it with your mother, we have sons never seen anything like it before.” “You do know what it mean if it’s right, yes, that all things gone before were nothing more than thieves and robbers, or papa,” having his say was Little John immerging out of his stupor “a lying murderer, which sons I’m afraid is why this Immanuel was met with such violent, deadly hostility.” “Yes Paul darling but do we burn it to ashes and sweep it under the rug or do we practice what we’ve both seen and heard?” “But don’t you see Priscilla they would never allow it, not without a fight." "It’s to mean there’s only two ways the right way which is that amazing drawing with the ability to both free us and imprisoned us though gloriously at the same time, or that back breaking, soul and heart wrenching way that have crippled, maimed and killed his people for ages.” “And if it’s God’s will, His way and illustrate we’re talking about a wonderful forgiveness and salvation where we were first cursed until a push all the days of our lives.” “It came into the boys possession for a reason, it was no coincidence, remember honey we believe there’re too many spirits working on the earth, in the heavens and under the earth for there to be coincidences.” “Then Paul honey you’re to make a sacrifice of yourself or your sons?” “Wait a minute, you mean you two are really contemplating this?” “I can’t Priscilla make a sacrifice of our sons, that’s their choice to make but of myself, even you.” “Father?” “Yes son we’re actually thinking about it, more than that we’ve invited both friends and neighbors to a town hall meeting where we will present the illustrate.” “No!” that a concern John, John is to spring to his feet at resisting, at remembering how it's original barer died. “They won’t accept it father, mother, they can’t, Jacob and I didn’t tell you but when we first laid eyes on the illustrate it more than terrorized us.” “Pete was the only one that would acknowledge it’s significance.” “John John is right father, immediately we saw it as a deadly, dangerous intruder, an interloper father with purpose to diminish two millenniums of astronomical growth.” “We know son, your mother and I felt the same only seconds after we comprehended the illustrate but many people have died believing a lie." "Many other will die if we pretend this unblemished diagram doesn’t exist, death sons, there isn’t a greater offense except the second death and except the Lord God build the house are we yet accused.” “Now your mother and I didn’t tell you but Morrison general store was burn to the ground the other night,” that he’s to move into his study at hastening them right alone “there was talk of some obscene demonstration being the reason.” “The town meeting isn’t for a week now,” having parted what monies he did have was he splitting it between the three of them “which will give you plenty of time at putting enough space between you and this place,” “What?” Was this Indeed happening and was that happening, happening this fast? “What father do you mean?” With tear glisten eyes spilling along tingling, watering nostrils, was it painfully obivous what was happening. “I will not have my sons targeted and harmed,” leading them to the kitchen and soon to their rooms had their mother as well been busy packing them up “even killed for coming into a knowledge intended all along by their God.” “But father surely you’re not sending us away, yes son,” laying a hand each to his baby son shoulders, was this the hardest thing ever, but watching the die would be harder. “I am, I’m sending the three of you far, far away, now you stop crying, and don’t go blaming your brothers, this was bound to happen.” “Well will we see you again?” Leading all three of them to readied horses did they now understand the slow response. “Whether
my sons you’re to see me here, or standing with my Lord in heaven you’re to leave this place and never look or come back.”

The Plow IV


-“I don’t understand,” having received word their parents’ faith was questionable at best had little John cried all through the night. “Why has this always been so difficult?“ “You really want to know,” “I mean really?” “Yes Pete I really want to know.” “Well to be completely honest with you John, Jacob it’s because our parents, their parents and our parents, parents have always been cursed at being able to encourage and offer us one thing on this earth, exactly what the evil one offered the Supreme's Christ doing the temptation in the wilderness.”
“You’re to remember it all began at this identical falsehood, this counterfeit allegation making such the offer to mankind’s first parents Adam and Eve.” “It then set into motion that single illustrate and fraudulent entity encouraging the re-bellion of Nimrod, this worlds first tyrant unto the Towel of Babel, another blatant disregard for the Supremes’ prerogative.” “Now John to disenchant and disen-franchise the Supremes’ Christ, mankind’s divine emancipation.” “My god,” dis-playing himself as one sick mightily, especially at the stomach, “are you telling me what I think you’re telling me?” “That all the growth, all the fame and celebrity, unthinkably that the extraordinary phenomenon mankind has become has been nothing but Satanic divisions keeping their end of the bargain unto mankind complete annihilation?” “And if so what does it still mean?” “What Pete mean John is nothing good could’ve ever come from mankind’s existing here on his own, that he’s simply a continuation of a now ancient, quite failed cause, even clause.” “One whose disin-tegration was all the more realized at mankind’s final, most indicative collapse of all, the barefaced rejection of the Supremes’ Christ.” “You see John said de-ception, even depletion though it’s to visibly be full of astronomical forms of worldly treasures truthfully it’s nothing but a structure of sowing and thus reaping of corruption.” “Clearly when we say mankind sleep with his worse enemy beside Satanic fractions, powers, principalities and spiritual wickedness in high places who or what John is mankind’s worse enemy?” “I don’t want to talk about it any more,” with tense arms fold did he turn off horribly, even sickly at these surreal revelations, even accusations.” “If the heart John shaped and mold of mankind even in his mother’s womb is at all times, points and participles despitefully wicked, then mankind’s heart is first and far most his worse enemy." "This is why their single redemption must first began at this seat bed of affections, that like mankind’s one fluid of this lifespan oversupply every other particle like so, and not only John should you perceive this but all out there having ears to hear.” “Take for example how man have taken the most unspeakable form of knowledge and technologies offered to him and build themselves these extravagant lives, lands and churches." "Yet on the other hand by this identical familiarity, these alike technologies have they also created nuclear, biological and chemical weapons." "Even armaments that’s to cause mass forms of death and destruction, hence the Satanic seed, as so it’s toxic harvest unveiled.” “Then Pete we’re doom, we’re from the first temptation in the garden of Eden doom, true, that John is completely true, it’s the single reality the Supremes’ Christ is to bring to the totality of mankind.” “Although you have to ask yourself what did the Supremes’ Christ knowing what we know, and believing what we now believe Do?” “I mean he didn’t come, and for mankind greatest ever fall, greatest ever folly exact extravagant living, domains and houses of worship." "He didn’t come sealing for points of emphasis worldly campaigns for saving or safe-guarding the poor, homeless and hungry.” “He came yes, but he came bearing with him an alter of sacrifice, reconciliation and praise because that and that alone was the only offering the Supreme wouldn’t despise.” “Reminding you not only did he exact the alter, a spirit work demanding a sacrifice of flawless flesh and blood did this Christ bring with this sacrificial underpinning its’ blood sacrifice, himself. “He came John offering up himself that all who would believe and receive would one day for all eternity reign with him.” “My god,” as an illuminating light come on at easing into a stand away, “that’s why Christ’s church so far surpasses mans because it was never, ever a church after all but an alter, a corner-stone of sacrifice and repentance." "Yes Jacob because those coming to the Supremes’throne are welcome only as they’re to first mortify the deeds of the flesh, die, at presenting themselves a living sacrifice, holy and acceptable.” “Clearly how is one born destine to be despicably evil even at his blood stand now holy, godly and sober (Christ minded. "Except he’s first redeemed by the Supremes’ Christ immensely acceptable blood and flesh reconciliation?” “They not only supplied an alter but the lamb of God that’s to be slaughtered accordingly, the very reason this women was not only born but shaped and mold by her would be this woman’s seed.” “All the time she was contouring and molding in her inner parts the lamb, the sacrificial calf unto mankind’s solitary appeasement.” “All the time Pete she thought she was giving birth to a son,” with new tears wiggling along astonished as this facial ex-pressions “when she was giving birth to a blood sacrifice.” “Don’t this mean our parents, even our spiritual leaders Pete encouraging us in the way of a through the ceiling disregard for godliness have a lot of explaining to do, you mean our clueless parents, grand-parents and great grandparents?” “Don’t forget John this shrewd delusionist has maintain the power to hoodwink all mankind along the Broadway leading to death and the second death every since our first parents partook of the forbidden.” “Justly have he gone on to conquer mankind accordingly, they’re as oblivious of what has truly happen to them as Judas Iscariot was the night he betrayed the Christ.” “They not only John think this massacre of human life is their friend,” “but their divine blood relation,” “consolation and recuperation.” “Remember she, this exterminator of human life sit a queen and have many lovers at believing she’ll see no destruction, no form of disintegration when she and all those worshipping her accordingly are the Supremes’ wrath primary bull’s eye.” “This Pete is like Satan himself went before the supreme creator and said dear holiest one, have you considered my servant The American dream?” “That there is none like her in all the earth,” “an unjust liar and murderer that has no fear of you that she askew righteousness and worship evil?”
“How bright one she is in great power at spreading herself, her abominations like a green bay tree.” “Then the supreme answer yes I’ve seen the wicked by your power to bruise the woman’s seed heel in great power and spreading itself like a green bay tree.” “I also know black hearted one how by this identical seed’s ability to bruise your head she will past away and lo is not but shall her and her lovers end be in one hour a plague both consuming and as insignificant as a puff of smoke.” “You know Pete what’s this to mean, I mean really laying all churches, congregations and preachers preaching aside, one day mankind will be split right through the middle."
"On one side will be those who’re to honor and obey the Supremes’ Christ and on the other side those who’re to tribute and comply with the Supremes’ Christ enemy, yes Jacob but that’s to be the good thing.” “You see finally people will have or realize a legitimate reason for the fighting, they will know for whom they fight and understand the justifiable, never ending consequences of the choices they’ve made.” “It is the choice our parents have made, yes John it is, the one we as individuals will have to make, remembering said combat is a non violent one seeing we grapple not against flesh and blood but a very illusory fraudulence of the damn.” “Believe me describing to the Supremes’ creation that all the days of their lives they’ve only been capable of one thing, at making their offspring an heir in all likeness to this one thing, that’s believing an exorbitant arrangement of the disaster and damn prone appear to be a most lethal undertaking Pete all it’s own.”

Plow V 04/18/2007


-“Ah quit your crying, your mourning, it was all bound to happen, remember Noah’s earth had been completely destroyed for the very abominations America got away with.” “The twin Cities Sodom and Gomorra had both been totally annihilated for the very wickedness and whoredoms America had for decades practiced freely. Even the Tower of Babel had been exclusively demolished for the very detestation’s and idolatry America had for the ancient gave a pleasurous show to the world of.” “Even the people of Israel had undergone hundreds, even thousands of years of fore-warning prophecies regarding unspeakable transgressions America had forever seem to escape without incident.” “Yeah but that was all biblical times, as those where all biblical nations, but the entire earth James belong to a Lord whose always the same.” “That as ancient Israel was considered to be God’s people, America was now considered to be God’s nation.” “Looked upon as a nation that has been created by God and therefore as a country, even a church which belonged to God.” “A people all the world would then flock to for peace and safety, many my brothers not realizing America hadn’t come into her peace and safety status by her righteousness.” “Nor was it by her wars and rumors, or her holocausts both created and prevented but was it alone because of the grace of God, a grace gentlemen that was fastly giving way to God’s projected for the ancient wrath and therefore was she being called upon to repent or suffer sudden destruction.” “Yeah but not only Pete had she gone un-checked forever but had an astronomical form of technical knowledge and insur-mountable wealth been seemingly awarded these immeasurable forms of transgressions molding her and her sins incorrigible, truly can a leopard change his spots?” “So much so if you guys want to know what the supreme heavens is saying to her all you got to do is revisit the Supreme’s’ Christ forewarning to the harlot Jezebel,” “how he’s to give her space enough to repent but she repenteth not.” “That since she’s not to repent that he’s to cast her into a bed (Deadly STD) and those committing fornication with her into great tribulation unless they repent.” “How he’s to even kill their children with death, meaning all devious constitutions and configurations existing as a result of their unholy unions.” “Isn’t that a somewhat different Christ Pete, James than the one in the gospel?” “You mean man not realizing the very reason why all of the disciples/ Apostles were male isn’t because they were the dominate species.” “That it was instead because the male role throughout the earth was about to change, especially the man of god.” “You see the woman was humanitarian by birth, not saved,” ”holy and thus in need of a savior but bearing more of a heart of compassion while the man was more of a brute and by the Jewish laws was he all the more brutal, even barbaric.” “You see this is why this type of Christ was far different than the terrible God the prophets of old had preached to the world, why he was by the religious leaders so misunderstood.” “No this Christ as Nicodemus comprehended was more forgiving, loving and merciful bearing as two great commandments how we were no longer to hate but love unconditionally, universally.” “Evidently everything his disciples were to be after him, and the church bride after them.” “Merciful and forgiving that is Little John unto the day of his wrath is come and who shall be able to stand?” “As so is that this manner of Christ once dead but now he liveth at assigning the keys of hell and death except mankind, especially those regarding Satan’s seat repent.” “It’s this one we now see concerning those seven letters, the one because of mankind, especially those in the synagogue unrepentance made to wrath.” "It’s here a prime example America is made,” “as those in bed with her, Britain, the free world of taking liberty, even a with limits grace and using it as an occasion to commit atrocious sins, the very thing His living word forewarn against.” “There’s this other thing we’re to consider, that for the first time ever in both biblical and human history has the times, times and a half Pete promised the prophet Daniel of mankind’s kingdom been totally and completely fulfilled. “Meaningfully would all prophecies now concerning these end-times be fulfilled without further delay.” “Remember that darkness the supreme Christ forewarn was coming whereas no man could work (minister freely) behold it is my brothers right at the door.” “Then that James is what the archangel Gabriel appearing to me most recently meant,” “that the fulfillment of all things is upon mankind, that and something about she’s coming or going with the seventh angel.” “Of course the sounding of the seventh angel is a celebration in heaven that God has kept his promises and therefore the kingdoms of man have now become the kingdom of God and His Christ and how they would reign forever.” “You used that word Pete a lot,” “repentance,” “what does that really mean?” “Repentance Little John is this painstaking format of coming to the reality that you could never, ever do this without God, that you exist in a pride, in a rebellion, even an insurrection most paramount if you ever thought you could.” “That now for such vainglory you’re to by Christ’s Cross of redemption seek God’s forgiveness.” “It’s simple, all you’re doing is realizing you’re incapable of doing this, this walk through or by a valley of the shadow of death John, of perilous groups of dissidents and vulgar encroachments all with a purpose to perform one thing in particular.” “ That’s to overthrow God, the creation of God and slaughter as many human beings as is possible attempting so.” “Notwithstanding there’s again that Cross who has not only fought this battle for us but has as well won the victory now to culminate all things unto his one thousand year reign.” “Simply forgive me God for my sins, for it’s defiance without end and by Christ’s’ Cross, it’s shed blood receive me into thy bosom again.” “Agreeably it’s this simple, that mankind has went around the world and back, that untold millions have lost their souls,” “that God’s Son/Christ, his disciples after him have suffered unrealizable peril that you’re to come to the realization this is impossible without Them.” “That the more you realize this on a daily basics the more you’re to realize everything you do prospers as you’re to never, ever John do a thing without them assisting you right alone.” “This is what you’ve suffered all your life, a reality quite damned no matter how you work it, live it or comprehend it because at it root and thus at it’s harvest is nothing to gain but death” (failure). “Truly when the home,” “the education system, the government, the church, that even as we speak John mankind’s’ life blood he’s to live by and earth he’s to live on is failing, what do you do?” “As so even the death and dying of either friend or foe, whatever they’re to suffer are all bouts of nonsuccess because only the dead dying for Jesus the Christ shall be alive forever-more.” “No the most heinous thing of all is the fact the moment Eve disobeyed the supreme Elohim and obeyed Satan she entered into a marriage covenant with him, meaning all her offspring from that point on,” “the exception being the enmity would be born married to Satan but divorce from God.” “Not only so but because of this disastrous marriage would there now be like a never-ending battle.” “This forever spiritual war as God is to by bruising Satan’s head, even His seat with the enmity producing woman’s seed at entering again into a marriage covenant with his people.” “Satan is to instead by bruising this following do all within his power, even at the anti-Christ reign prevent them.” “Thus all mankind is not only born into a war, but a spiritual battle they can’t see, touch or resolve except by the Holy Spirit.” “A ceaseless battle field crying aloud put ye on the whole armor of God, that they’re to build, as in root and ground visible lives, lands and churches along a wide world ground for confrontation.” A battle,” “a spiritual warfare that’s to forever plague man with armed conflicts and rumors unto the final earth bound contest deemed the battle of Armageddon.” “Hey,” as one tapping his time piece into both of their attention that they couldn’t stay in one place long. “I think we’ve worn out our welcome, so where do we go?” As one dragging a heavy saddle unto a prized thoroughbred were they simply on the road again. “We go south,” “we keep going South until we can’t, you mean Pete until we run ourselves right off the planet.” “What about mom and dad, I mean am I even allowed to speak of them any, of course John, sure, mom and dad are in his hands now,” “whether they’re here,” witnessed upon as one cutting sharp eyes into a point of his finger heavenward “or there, they’re in his hand, and the living word Little John says there’s none that can pluck His out of His hand.” “I never told you Pete but I like it a lot better when James call me simply John, I guess I just don’t feel all that little anymore, then John my beloved brother it is.” “You know what I can’t wrap my mind around?” Addressing them as they’re to mount thoroughbred horses for getting away, for making it safely to the next rest point. “How little Pete did the people realize that more than ninety percent of those found worshipping gain for godliness, of those treasuring, honoring and obeying churches, congregations and preachers preaching would all doing the great gathering of saints be left behind, that’s a staggering ninety percent.” “The very ones supposedly awaiting his appearing,” supposedly seeing this as a blessed hope and what they got instead was a manner of rejection crying aloud I never knew you, you that worked iniquity.”

That you be aware, that you be born again, as to pluck Ambers from the burning. The Rising Above Ministry (RAM) take heed that no man deceive you, APB...


Come, and let us return unto the Lord, for he hath torn and he will heal us, he hath smitten and he will bind us up. After two days he will revive us; in the third day he will raise us up, and we will live in his sight. Then shall we know, if we follow on to know the Lord; his going forth is prepared as the morning and he shall come unto us as the rain, as the latter and former rain unto the earth. Hosea

The Ultimate Outbreak

Seen to be set back to the western days, seen to be seeing under the microscope the claims of a deadly stomach virus. One whereas everyone that’s to describe it are to form their hands into the backward shape of the letter C targeting and killing especially children. See a possible coming together, an infiltration, even a mutation of something old like the influenza of 1918, with something new like, like the Avian (bird) flu of 1996 05/20/2006

Prophecy Link

There's something about an invasion, one on American soil, about all preparing for war, for battle, a dangerous fall of peace and safety continuously on the map
09/14/1998, 06/20/2005, 07/12/2006, 08/15/2007, 10/03/2008, 10/12/2008, 06/01/2009

For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth, take heed that no man deceive you, as to pluck embers from the burning, apb…

Specialty Links

There’s something about directly targeting celebrities, targeting celebrities on the map o4/13/2004, my unnumbered as yet prophecy link

I Corinthians 2:6-16...READ...

There’s Something About Snow Storms

10,085. There’s something about a pouring snow, a voice declaring: “It’s in the city,” unusual snow storms on the map 06/27/2002...
100,044. Seen to be seeing a flaming hot skillet gliding down a cold, snowy roof, a danger of warm and cold fronts existing together, 11/26/2002
100,158. Seen to be getting ourselves snowed in, mountains of snow fall on the map 01/08/2003
100,422. Seen to be seeing a man eaten by the beast behind a mountain of snow storms, seen to be seeing a dump truck falling woefully short of collecting and rearranging said snow piles, even eaten as well, unthinkable manner sof snow storms on the map 03/23/2003
200,791. There’s something major about a high profile murder conspiracy and a 100 and 30 feet snow storm targeting New York, dangerous snow storms on the map 06/30/2004

Prophecy Links,

Black Day:

300,150. Seen to be seeing a bright day turn black immediately all followed by an astronomical, through the basement, even through the earth fall of the young; a monumental fall of the young on the map 10/13/2005

For Salvation Pray:

I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Selah: Into My Heart Lord Jesus

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

A Ministry Above


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