The Asians, The Russians, The Terrorist, The Yellowstones, The Nibiru's Are Coming

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day Two Hundred and twenty-eight 04/14/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

       -Like Watching Noah's Ark, "Mark 17 and 7," like the days of Noah, Jesus, Mat. 24, and there was silence in heaven, Rev. 8:1, my prayer closet 1993, my people perish, GOH, Apb
   -As it is written in the law of Moses, all this evil is come upon us: yet made we not our prayer before the LORD our God, that we might turn from our iniquities, and understand thy truth. Dan. 9:13

Commentor: "Will That Huge Building Be Turn To ruin?"

And I Heard In My Hearing, 2002, 2017, "fifty millions will die," an out break of mortuary on the map, beware, Apb

-America's did, (see Jer. 37:8, 1998), don't know about there's, somebody or something hit us, 2001-2017, and when it did, there was an instant lost of 190 years, see explained here, Eze. 4. Even the white house was consumed in flames, and America into the West was never the same, sorta like the toes, smashed to dust King Nebuchadnezzar's image, they were never heard of again.

     -Listen to persons like Lisa Haven, Michael Snyder, even Alex Jones when he threaten of taking his children and leaving the country, even the Syrian military, the Russians. Certainly all of the above, when they tell you, America is at war, the same I told my elder, 1998, and not just on foreign soil. It's own, damater, the planetary bodies, nuclear war, into a slow motion exodus this thirty years now, a predicted tens of millions will die, 

He That Believeth Not Is Condemned Already, Wherein Shall Thy Die? Live! Jesus Christ 

     -I guess you say I was messing around in paltalk this day and the age old wickedness reared it's head, this relentless rebelliousness about where the woman should be placed as far as Jesus's ministry is concern. So to bring this ceaseless mystery of iniquity to a screeching halt I said, well asked, how did Jesus treat the women who were entrusted to Him? Believe Apostle, there was a silence that come into that room, which shot all the way up into heaven itself celebrating, even to where the fire from the alters was being offered up with the endless prayers of the Saints. Jesus is the human being ultimate lesson and trial regarding any and every inquiry, even as He placed the importance of His ascension, encouraged the disciples to tarry for Holy Spirit who would lead them into 'ALL TRUTH.' 
     -Fasten upon the revelation lately regarding Jesus and the women drawn to him come this, major lesson, how primary, quite brilliant revelation of his, Jesus' come to us while Jesus was expounding God's righteousness upon one woman or another. Then you get to realize, though he'd called 12 men, the woman's lesson, this light of righteousness the heart as well without end, Then once everyone again catches their breath, those sincere and knowing God's word mind begin to wonder surrounding these women, There's his mother whom he treasured, who treasured him, her son, there was Mary Magdalene, upon whom he cast out devils and received her even as a disciple, the firest to whom he revealed Himself resurrected. As so, Martha and Mary, those upon whose brother Lazarus' was demonstrated Christ's come Resurrection of the Saints, O' death where is thy sing, grave where is thy victory? Glory Hallelujah, Jesus our Blessed Death.
     -There was the forbidden woman, the Samaritan' Jacob's well no longer should she concern herself with the ordinances of man, (Col. 2), for God is a spirit, and truth, and the born again by the Lamb's blood would be too. Here was the woman with the issue of blood all men are born to, shaped and mold the mothers's womb with them, and are cursed as so, until they as Veronica, as well find Jesus, she now this outcast but in just a moment, Jesus would be calling her daughter. This man, this Son of God/man, this most phenomena human being in all the world ever or ever again, making a single choice that would take him to a cross. now Cast down, cast out, this beyond horrid, so much you can yet hear the prophet Isaiah, crying aloud, as a lamb, he is wounded for our transgression, bruised for our iniquities, the chastisement of our peace is upon Him and by his stripes we are healed, ( Jesus arrival with healing wings, 1986, Apb).
     -You can yet hear the psalmist crying out for him, my heart is like wax, it is melted into the midst of my bowls, hear him a beyond wounded now come messiah, Eli, Eli., why hast thousand forsaken me and yet again, and yet again Peter, peter, do you love me more than these, three days risen forty days visiting and right this moment he is closer to this planet than when he then ascended from them, that at only a nano second at a time he readies himself, Michael the Archangel's cry, and Gabriel God's trump and only the saints hearing his voice, shaking off the grave, of that temporary now glorified, and are as fire rockets illuminating the skies great is the mystery of godliness and not even the gates of hell shall prevail against it, Jesus! Jesus! Jesus! 

Grace Larson, We Exalt Thee!

      -I rose in bed this particular morning, these amazing lyrics playing in my head, we exalt thee, a beautiful worship I wasn't that familiar with. It took me a moment but gradually I begin to see, to realize this beyond, well, those following this ministry know these thirty-one springs, I've given many testaments regarding especially the resurrection, there's a the rehearsal, even a trial run, as the heavens constantly make it's preparations, and here lately laying all else side, I witness the Bride now reigning in heaven, having is her possession, what you want believe, the stone cut out without hands, meaning Jesus' millennium was being made ready, now after all I've saw, not having the time. 
     -Here now indescribably it was a roll call, remember every morning the class, once filled, the teacher would pull out a list, and one by one call it's name and place check marks by those present or not. As I said this was a roll call in heaven, God's throne this celebration, the Lamb's book of life, just as John himself testified Rev. 20, was open,  and a roll call was being made from it's ancient pages, this indescribable for now fascination. I saw that when this book were open, a specialty members were summoned, in a way miraculous, said I. D. of those marked their hands, forward the name of God, once identified would rise from this golden scroll, it's treasured records up, far above our heads of the multitude present and fitter and float away into heavenly spaces.
     -Beware, woe, woe, woe, for whosoever name wasn't found written in the Lamb's book of life were cast into a lake which burns with fire, this apostle of resurrection would guess this is the ultimate proof, God is not mocked, whatever the human being's blood did sow. ultimately here would test it's blood harvest. Herein everyone reading here, even listening, don't just go to church Easter day, go to an alter, and when you do,' don't just stand there while pastor call off a name of the sick and the dying. 
     -We, all of us until Christ's Cross anoints our heart's blood, we are, even our father's seed and mother's womb, make no mistake, we are the sick and the dying. As well meaning the woman with the issue of blood, finding only Jesus this answer represent every human being on the planet, yet too, must be born again, got him, got Jesus yet? That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an apostle of Jesus Christ as to pluck Amber's from burning, awake, Apb, see more here, and here and here,



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