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For The Trump Of God, Having A Man's Hand Under His Wings, Shall Sound

Seem to hearing the lyrics, "no winter cold, can stop me babe," 07/31/207, (for those of you like me who don't know, it's from the song "ain't no mountain high enough, to keep me from getting from you," you can assume these specific lyrics is blessed reassurance to those awaiting a spring rapture, that the God who promised and prophesied is faithful, on't faith, Jesus has shown himself, awaiting the last Trump, beware,) Apb

    -There's something about the lyrics, Nicholas Cage's evil Face-off Character, Castor Troy Yelling "Are you readyyyy, ready for the big ride babyyyy! Referencing a pending bombing, blaring aloud in my ears, 07/31/2017, just soon as I open my eyes from sleep; (see this as Trump and Jong Un, being in a tug of nuclear war right now, with an Asian Invasion pending US soil, since 1998 dreams of wars on US soil, first an Arab enemy, then an Asian one into epidemics), Beware, get extreme Southeast into exodus, Apb,