The Lord Himself, The Voice Of The Archangel and the Trump of God

   Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and ninety-six, 03/11/2017 of the "week," prophecy 08/18/2016, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25/2016, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,
-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

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      -Dutchsinse, is the word I woke with, 02/27/17, though it's been a while, I know him as one who has a youtube channel. A special one where he share sometimes live footage of national to international earthquakes to volcano activity.
     -Remember the dream about the setting of fuel canister all in a ring, a circle, is basically the same warning, as so the pundit, of 99 bowls of molten lava, the song says, God is trying to tell you something, master disaster is come, see here,

     -And I Heard In My Hearing, "the Antichrist is to kill millions as millions go broke,"  2005, wealth and celebrity the stumbling block of their iniquity, the root of all evil, indeed what has it profit?
      -And I Heard In My Hearing, "Fifty Million will die," a great lost of life on the planet, 2002, 2003, 2017, beware 

The Lord, The Voice Of The Archangel and the Trump of God

     -Reasonably contemplating, if the church bride reign is prophetically fulfilled into the opening of the Lambs Book of Life, then why haven't she ascended, what's the purpose of having her here still?
Just as so  fullness of time, into a specific day, hour which as of September 23-25th is come, some say which will be the fulfillment of Rev. 12. Right along pointing to an infamous day that has presented itself upon the earth doing other now historic​ biblical events as Christ's birth, and the Jews exodus, and now the Bride's resurrection, this being its welcome finale.
     -A day has come where millions of people in particular, not of any certain gender, age statue, nor origin will be witnessed ting into the Heavens for no explainable reason except Christ Jesus is now summoning them there, and though there has for years and years been many demonstration they'll nothing in  comparison to this actual blessed be any imaging event. When such the like demonstration happen to me, possibly not unlike Christ having to depart from the disciples, I wasn't so happy? No, despite how phenomenally miraculous it all is, there a deepening sorrow but it didn't matter, said fullness of hour hath come, and there nothing but ascension to be Dr one, but to hasten the final stages of prophetic fulfillment right into the final week of Daniel I actually witnessed follow Obama's because Jesus' Millennium can't be realized the last seven years of rebellious reign are finished.
     -Are you ready? Was ask me, by a Caden/Cameron, unknowingly, but this future Brexit to Truexit, of  the pending British vote to exit the EU to Trump's Whitehouse all pointing to the eventful end of western civilization. Of the last demonstration of being captured away of course whether or not I answered yes or no didn't matter, the time for the Righteous blessed expulsion from the earth hath come and soon I would be looking at an estimated time of departure, of the month of September, a 20th date. I even remember thinking there was only a couple of months left, it then being around the end of June, with Prime Minister Cameron making breaking news the first of July 2015.
     -Just as described, much work has gone into the forewarning of what is now known across the world as a biblical rapture, of Jesus keeping his promise to arrive the Righteous Bride to the mansions in heaven he promised all those enduring this end time rebellion into unprecedented desolations that will claim millions in only a short time as the seven year remaining of the seventy weeks of years given an interceding Prophet Daniel for his people Israel, of which Jesus Cross fulfilled, so all there is around the world is to worship, honor and obey Him, forsaking all other abominations into master disasters.
Undoing The Fulfillment of prophecy, Rev. 11, 13 and 17, of Obama's to The Antichrist Administration, as I said before, not gonna happen, see I Thess. 4:16-18, I Cor. 15:51-58, Rev. 17:16-18 happening right now! Apb
-In dramatic conclusion, soon and very soon, pending now two thousands years, six thousand years if you count the prophets, we, the Bride is going to see Elohim, this reigning heir of a church bride hath come. Understand. This mean according to holy scripture the righteous, also known as the anointed of Christ. Those deem worthy by belief and lives lived faithfully therein they are now seen by millions as those still by the millions escaping with Him.
-This mean soon and although in ways quite surreal you're going to hear as to be mesmerized into unbelief how a certain kind of people are now missing from the earth. Only the more you hear, the more you're to realize these are all persons who once surrendered world treasures to alone worship this single one. This only name given under heaven whereby mankind can be saved, that's blood redeemed, Jesus, be aware at all times, your ascension draws nigh, Apb, The RAM, see entire blog here, and here,

P. S. Something I never shared about this 2015 demonstration of all that is beyond miraculous for a millions years is, I heard a single celebratory voice lament and I happily quote, "O Happy Day!" Yes Indeed For The Born Again it will indeed be, Apb




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