The Run to Exodus Signal Heard Around The World!

-Seen to be hearing a voice screaming "SEVENTEEN," when I was first commanded 2003, to mark 17 and 7 it would be a while before i realized it, these were the numerical surrounding Noah's Ark, hence marking the end of all things rebellious men into the making of the rainbow covenant, now so horribly broken, repent or perish!

Trump Declaring America Safe Indefinitely, The Run to Exodus Signal Heard Around The World

-I give you an example, my eldest son and I took a trip lately, after everything we did to prepare, that day before that night into the morning, when we pulled out of McDonald lot, for the highway, it was exactly, 7:17, AM. As so when we packed as of that destination, through the night into the morning, when we reached the street, to make our way onto the expressway it was exactly 7:17, AM. Do I look for this, do I in any way plan it? No, never, most of the time I''m completely oblivious until I glance at the clock, and there is this ceaseless reminder. Just as morning of 2012, I by marking crosses of oil on his forward I ascended my husband, by the time his death was noted it is marked on his death certificate as 7:17 Am, It is a reminder on this constant that end time bible prophecy is performing itself in total and utter cessation, with the single word given recently being simply "DECIDE!, Repent or Perish, as Jesus said,either or, decide...
-Like you Alexander, I've always considered the LGBTQ and P for pedophile rainbow this reminder of the breakage of the rainbow covenant. One that my granddaughter and I while sitting a park one day, when something happen were we started discussing it and then I said, and they wonder where all this flooding is about? Of course she started laughing as so did I, uncontrollably at one point, only to reconsider, this wasn't a laughing matter. Just as so, if they thought seeing a giant rainbow the skies doing the signing of the same sex marriage vote was a sign of God's approval. Certainly it was, only that He'd been right in Noah's day when he forestalled this complete mutation to the genocide of the Genesis man then.
-As so as He as a Righteous God, even as a God-Father presently by sending one extinction level events line up one after the other presently targeting all parents, finishing all schools, these transgender traps. Elohim God will again bring a complete and final end to that evil wickedness yet threatening the continuation of the Genesis man/marriage. Without question is it to solve the mystery doing the dream of the artificial, leopard skin coast of a lone, this mightiest of distractor's, of the bed and the restroom I witnessed this white man being tossed into, surely what Jesus' forewarn of great whoredoms as this, that when God cries your sins has reached unto him, that he'll judge accordingly, He totally mean it. This was just as Jesus the Bridegroom snatched the Bride right from under their greatest of distraction leaving millions stranded atop these Trump Towers crying lately of America's peace and safety when the days of Noah, Lot and Moses and beyond anything imaginable are all presently upon them, awake, repent, escape, in this order, Apb, the RAM, see here,


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