The Handshake Into The Earthquake Felt Around The World, Judgment Now, Right Now!

Article... Device-maker Motorola will work with artificial intelligence software Article...

-Undoubtedly Geoffrey the recent flirting and courting with Keanu Reeves on two fronts, as in the pending disasters from above (Nibiru), and those pending a Matrix, AI scenario, as is reported here. Then just think, the rapture will indeed be a day the whole earth will at the blink of an eye be laid still, then as the word plucked from this work lately, all that's, "HORRIBLE!" Apb,
Article... Good heavens. 8.0 earthquake hit Russian, 07/17/2017. Article... (now undoubtedly being studied around the world), Apb, -I Heard A Voice Screaming, “SEVENTEEN,” as in Rev. 17 chapter, as in the making of 17 and 7, as in the intrepid dream time table, wherein enters the darkest days of America ever, beware, be very aware! Apb, -Isn’t this the same date as Trump and Putin handshake felt around the world, as though God made mockery dramatically and regardless Trump going on to declare America safe indefinitely. A claim forewarn by Apostles for thousands of years that can only be followed by sudden destruction, including the rapture and the Antichrist reveal? What apostle has predicted to happen by October 2017, especially the last 190 months all with the numerical 17 and 7 being the fulfillment 2003; incidentally with being told to mark 17 and 7, even see the days of Noah, as Jesus forewarn, an event curiously comparably to this number pattern. . -Reportedly a sizable earthquake of whose caliber haven’t been experienced in, you got it, 177 days, again, mark 17 and 7, of Bush's holocaust days. Possibly of God showing His disgust, (Eze, 38:18, as with Gog and Magog), now as I witness relating a Trump/Pence ticket, so His distaste with western leaders going on as though there’s not the greatest of sorrows upon men. as so a need to warn hundreds of millions of Americans accordingly, make you wonder, whose worse, they or the Antichrist? Awake, repent and escape, in this order, Apb, see more here,
His Comments: do they let you out of your padded cell so you can make your rants or do they just slide it in on the floor tied to a chain to get it back after your 30 minutes are up?–your insane pee tann -Why Doeth The Heathen Rage, And the Nations Where Angry, A Resistance In Numbers Like The Sand, Squashed Immediately, -Padded cell? Apparently you haven't learn Jesus Christ, right now said padded cell as you say consist of a mansion, sitting on a huge green lot, surrounded by green trees, and all out door stunning things, a stunning water fall and rooms and food galore, with no cost to me at all. Oh and least I forget, when Yellowstone or it's type erupt and it or they will, I'm as of a prophetic dream, 06/26/2015-07/06/2015. That's two years to the month and date of Cameron's pending Brexit, now this populous handshake Trump/Putin spinning you all into Antichrist reign.
-Deliciously living this dream life in the safest part of the country right now, and soon on this second by second countdown, as the nation move into a complete exodus and they will, (see the Mayans, see a yet mysterious Atlantis), we, the Righteous Bride are snatched out into the rapture, Trump, God's And America's, Truexit, remember? ESCAPE! No wonder the Apostle Paul found it glorious to call himself a prisoners of Jesus Christ, got Him, got Jesus yet? Apb, the RAM, see here,


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