And I heard In My Hearing, Get Back To Shelby County!

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and sixty-six 02/01 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also,

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

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-Made to see stampeding people my street, as they're to react to either an EMP or CME, attack, explosion, 12/19/2016, local electrical company incapable, made completely helpless.., people of all ethnicity made immobile, just start walking further south eastward, Apb

Will Thou At This Time Destroy The Entire House Of Israel? Ezekiel, 9th Chapter

And I heard in my hearing, "get back to Shelby County," 2010

A New Fearfactor, The End Of America

      -I have shared that four of the five times my ascended to Jesus husband visited it was always about leaving Memphis. As well there is the dream about territory Spirits I heard discussing the Shelby County Area, that singly is a bit concerning wouldn't you agree?
     -Territorial Spirits, fallen Angels and demons are all what Apostle Paul is referring to when he say we wrestle not against flesh and blood, Ephs. 6:12-18. The Angel Gabriel and the Archangel Michael, when visiting Daniel spoke of them when they mention the Prince of Persia, with a Prince of Grecia pending.
     -This mean there is equally a Prince of America, or Western Civilization. Of which I witness inquire of lately undoubtedly by other threatening spirits, whether it, America, had fallen before? Yes twice, when it sat in disguised, this thousand year rule over the earth as the Roman Empire, and additionally when it ruled further as the British Empire. Here, now in it's third, final rule, more a nations of states, great whore of religion, worldwide, the freeworld, that's to finale 2017.
     -Though the most concerning and more relative of what the Prophet Ezekiel, Ezekiel 9, testified of both seeing and hearing, that of God's throne summoning. Now listen carefully, those spirits, who had charge over the city, Jerusalem. As I said I heard them, spirits, as they were being commanded to return back to Shelby County, I believe, referring to, the New Madrid fault line. Soon Ezekiel further witness, six slayers arrive, each with a slaughter's weapon in hand, and a seventh bearing an inkhorn, to be used, so that the Righteous wouldn't perish with the unrighteous, here marking the repentant even for immortal life.
     -Now here lately, I was included in a very physically overwhelming census taking, in other words,  I participated in a ceremony that as well marked certain of those for life or death. Whereas more recent as a month or so past, a called that all parents be killed by, meaning a certain date, all with an extinction level (ELE), type master disaster pending only months from now. Which remind me, the fifth and final time ascended husband visited, it was to both remind and forewarn about alien dangers from above, like the nearing doomday of a planetary body, Nibiru.
     -As well, I told you all about a vision, whereas this woman is paddling a boat, flood waters, summoning me along, I now believe the woman in, or paddling the boat is actually me, here pictured as one summoning all who will follow, of which I've done these thirty years and counting. Something wicked this way cometh, a particular sect, parents are being mostly targeted, the Lamb's blood, Jesus is again needed.
     -This divine seal; as always drop everything and get ye to Him, for whoseever shall call on His name shall be saved. Even though many horrors are pending US soil, millions of lives, souls in danger. I believe this one has to do with the Shelby County area, beware, possibly, again the New Madrid fault line, don't say I didn't warn you, and that's many, many times and counting. Beware, Apb, The RAM,


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