Until He be taken out of the way, and then shall that wicked be revealed

     -Just remember, the beginning of Bush Wars, they thought basically the same thing, there were calls by the Clergy to go over there and kill them all! It didn't happen then, won't happen now, only place a Hussein in the White house. While Trump, this disguised Truexit, figure it and get out!
     -This is America's end, why Bush's was declared, 'one error into a new fear-factor,' and Cameron's 2015, as the extension of a two weeks and seven year time table expired, a Brexit, always be aware! God's Kingdom Reign, finally, and the twenty-four elders cast down their crown in celebration, Apb,

Do You Know Where Your Bible Is?

-God Has Turn His Back, 1986, Only Jesus Is Left, Day One Hundred and sixty-six 02/01 of the "week," prophecy 08/18, a week prior to the Syrian Truce, 08/25, the countdown to resurrection and Daniel's week, see Dan. 9:27, see also, www.2016theauthenticparable.blogspot.com

-Righteously Dividing The Enemy

Prophecy Link

-Made to see stampeding people my street, as they're to react to either an EMP or CME, attack, explosion, 12/19/2016, local electrical company incapable, made completely helpless.., people of all ethnicity made immobile, just start walking further south eastward, Apb

     The Fire Came Down And Consumed, Making America A Burnt Sacrifice, 15% Dead, Many Wiil Burn, Come Out, www.dove2013.blogspot.com

    -Don't be deceived, after America extinction Level of a collapse, not for 190 months Dec. 2001, into a subraction of 190 years. Not only are these the nations which ruled the world, it's all prophetic, why I was able to predict a Hussein White House, 2003, in the first place. The nation of Hussein (Islam), is the area of the world antichrist will make his rise. 
     -Explaining why all while Senator Hussein Obama campaigned. I spend most of his time being visited upon by dreams and visions regarding the rise of the Antichrist; did see the same two beast, John did see. As so, one from land, one from sea, come into fruition US soil, as is prophetic.
     -As is described, Rev. 17:8, as to go into prediction, no doubt until the two weeks and seven years award Obama's Administration was finished.
Going on to further explain not only Jesus' millennium following his, but just as his expired into a Trump white house. Nearly eight years later, is come another night of dreaming about the rise of the antichrist.
   -Could that be what the deficit in this presidential revesl is about? You see rightly calculated, July 2008, into two weeks and seven years Obama's administration ended around 2015, passing into a forewarning regarding Britain's Prime Minister Cameron. Of course we know, Trump's white house wasn't inaugurated, just as I was given this 20 day countdown until January 20, 2016. 
     -Well if we think we and not spirits, both holy and unholy are in control of world events. 
Then we're sadly mistaken and sorely disillusioned, certainly with Obama's White house alone this ultimate proof.
     -Indeed, now that Barack Hussein is no longer America's President, many ask, can he now, or will he now be declared the Antichrist? His now finished administration could easly be seen as the great whore once riding, as in allying the beast and, now a time table expired, no longer needing such the profane marriage. 
     -Cleverly he could be seen uniting with other nations into her complete destruction, fulfilling as well Rev. 17:16, the beast now become his whore wife worse enemy.  I explained lately how world events are totatly in line with especially Revelation 17, with an ELE event, as is described, Rev. 18, pending this year of 2017. 
     -How in reading it, well them both, it's like a before it's news biblical of breaking of news all it's on. I know right here, some may ask am I just being too anxious to gullible? All I can say is, I never been before, I witness the rise of the pale horse judgment, 2001. Though I never made it's comparison to the fourth seal until a time later.
     -I witness the rise of the two beast of Revelation 13, whose to anoint or possess two leaders into both anticrhist and false prophets, never made it's comparison until a time later. Jesus of resur-rection appeared to me himself.
    -Three times commissioned me to come to him, did take me and showed me heaven, God's throne. Just as so I never compared it to what John was describing, Rev. 4:1. I was taken into meetings by holy spirits, 2008, sat before Senator Obama like a world leader myself. It was here I had him described as "the one." 
     -I never made the comparison that he was "the one," as in the man of sin, little horn, antichrist, though I had many opportunities. I've always told you Hussein Obama's blood lineage was perfect inline with the anti-christ. I also knew, the anti-President of the United States couldn't be the Antichrist, only a prelude to him.
  -Henceforth with strong probability using this inconceivably valuable and influential post. Surely with purpose to mold him a man that all the world would hate to love, honor and worship, all to estabish world promience. Isn't that what being a US President and most trusted and reverenced man on the planet would accomplished?
     -Just think, Hussein Obama is every man, European, African, Islamic mean he has a Jewish lineage as well. How better to now use this world wide celebrity against all who would dare stand against him. Truly, the same sex marriage vote alone, this baptism of the world into antichrist, I said this from the beginning. I liken this evil to the abomination that maketh desolate, standing in the holy place, apostate assembly America is, Jesus admonish us to flee from at first recognition.
     -Not only did we unite in celebration we happily passed this abomination on to our children perverting all future generations of the human, now mutated into a godless, thus damn infinity. This we do know, the two beast, John saw rise into world affairs, this worse of depots ever, spring up just as Obama, going right into bloody, Hussein debates.
     -Those of which lately I witness tearing through pulpits pit into made desolate pews, as so stomping and chomping at people as they sat their peace getting porches.  Just as frightening, here lately, a record 120 beast getting at world markets, the monetary god of them all. So when Apostle tell you to flee, to escape, it's more about getting your souls out of harms way than the getting of peace and safety. 
     -There's no peace to be had, why whenever persons cry peace and safety it is answered with sudden destruction, I tell you, there is none this planet except to walk by faith in Jesus, trusting, delighting and committing to God, Elohim. 
These beast have been plotting their reign to fame, especially doing the entire duration of the Obama administration, now to put said boundless, boundary less world ruling policies in place. 
     -Its a biblical fact, America, as I been warning these three decades, it must first decease. The dispensation of grace of allowance and Jacob's troubles, two varying time tables cannot, will not co-exist. This is why in Rev. 17:16, this evil allegiance, being staged right now is given power to throw her, this great whore of religious mystery, again America, into Westernized Civilization down, including making war with the saints and overcoming them.
     -For sure, Trump little knows it, as did US leaders before him, he's at a failed attempt, as Bush wars, to battle these ancient principalities and demons in high places, by laying bans, mortal and wall they will disregard nor respect, not gonna happen. There is only one escape, there is only to make an exodus, let the gods of Jihad battle it out as among themselves right into Armageddon.
     -When Holy Spirit showed Jesus millennium follow Obama, were they additionally demonstrating him as the antichrist, it's reign, seeing Jesus will not again sat his feet this 
earth until the antichrist time is finished. At the time of of Obama's reveal, I just remember, to resolve all mystery concerning
    -Somewhat as sincerely he advised me to watch or suspect his itinery. In other words know him by the works he bear, what is doing, why? He could yet be our Moses leader of a long prophesied by this ministry, Westernize exodus. Herein, if we're seeing more clearly this beast true identity it's further evidence the bride is being taken out of here, now finally Reigning in heaven, beware, Apb.


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