Melting Down

And I heard in my hearing, "Should I Go And Perform Mutilations?" Ask The Terrorist In Constant Waiting

Listening To, We Exalt Thee! by Grace Larson,, O Happy Day, ...Holy Spirits, 2015

-Often as I told you, despite how reluctantly, as I was leaving what had been one of innumerable visits God's Temple, 2013. Shockingly, and the emphasis is on with much shock, Heavens Host, related to me. Truly that flooring my heart, just this tart swallow of reality so surreal how they couldn't wait to be on earth where I am. So miraculous, one would think, just as our heart, like the deer paneth after the water-brook, ours, the Bride, is to arrive, God's Tabernacle, Throne His Good and Faithful Servant.
-Heart touchingly there's, Heavens Host, is instead God's come to a replenished out of tremendous infernos, II Pet. 3:10, 11, Heavens, Earth, Kingdom, for all eternity. Now we know why a visiting us Angel Gabriel, 2004, mention, the Seventh Angel, for when the Seventh Angel shall begin to sound, and there were great voices in heaven saying. The kingdoms of man, have become the Kingdoms of our God and His Christ and they shall reign forever, see Rev. 11;14, 15., and they shall reign forever... Incredibly, this mean for the Bride to still be here, this phenomenal outreach ministry, though finalizing this year 2017, is an additional act of God's Grace, hallelujah I say!
-Reportedly by Heavens prophetic standards the Seventh Angel has sounded, that's to such a degree of divinity, I witness the books of life, Rev. 20, not only open, 2016, but I participated in a ceremony whereas a beyond description roll call was being made of the names written in this ancient scroll, and woke singing and I quote, "we exalt thee." see, hear, , Beware, whosoever name wasn't found written in the book of life, were cast into the lake of fire.
-Truly a Holy God who will toss millions deserving into a lake burning with fire, the second death, only eternal. Isn't going to blink when millions of heavily forewarn Westerners are as well tossed into this fiery chasm. Seeming like hell, once held back all these years Christ' Cross, only right now, Christ Cross taking it's own do vengeance, said reckoning can't, won't wait, choose you your shepherd, God or man? Awake, beware, Apb, see

Listening To: We Exalt Thee, by Kim Walker Smith, ...O Happy Deity.. Bride Of Resurrection

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-Made to see stampeding people my street, as they're to react to either an EMP or CME, attack, explosion, 12/19/2016, local electrical company incapable, made completely helpless.., people of all ethnicity made immobile, just start walking further south eastward, Apb Time Done Lapse, The Slow Motion Exodus, Stampedes, -All need to be more concern about the fury that rose into God's face regarding this coming Trump administration, this false hope, that when they say peace and safety, Asian invasion pending, that mankind yet don't get it. Jesus alone is the victor here, the help of man is worthless without this reigning King of all Kings and Lord of all lords having overcome it all, all of which would dissolve into oceans of molten lava this nothing, except Jesus' Cross, see II Pet. 3;10, 11 -Even after King Nebuchadnezzar witness the stone cut out without hands fall from heaven and crush to dust his, and all future reign of men, whose fan is in Jesus' hand, he yet refused to repent. So like the wilderness of sin where I witness Michael Clark Duncan singing Armageddon,God brought this King of king down into his own wilderness of temporal insanity. Definitely made it this personal, see Rev. 18, US soil, it's here the Righteous Bride pray like him, all men wake up from all madness and by Jesus' Millennium reign, now come, serve God's set to follow, eternal Kingdom Rule, beware, Apb, The RAM, see more here,

A Voice, "yours is a nuclear fate," 01/19/2017, see Fukushima melt down 2011, and here now presently, 2017,  

     -A time table totaling 190 month by a dream I had December 25th 2001, will climax October 2017, along what I describe is an extinction level event that will not only cripple America, but will bring an abrupt end to western civilization period. Since I been warning this for so long, thirty years, people are just tired of hearing it, though being weary with forewarning isn't going to solve it's problem nor nearing doom.

     -It's gonna take repentance and exodus, those of which I been seeing this nation in for the last twenty or more years, all the more lapsing with the beginning and the end of Hussein Obama's prophesied two weeks and seven years expiring 07/2015. All of which I seen here recently followed by Jesus' Millennium, meaning having no place, nor space  for the Church Age, even the West, the seven years until then, Jesus' Reign, can only belong to the final week of Daniel, awake, Apb, see more here, Dan. 9, also see,

A Voice, "99 bowls of molten a lava," is this to mock Trump's proposed wall?

     -I witness the two beast of Rev. 13, one from land, one from sea rise just as Obama campaigned for the presidency, have went into further perdition doing his assigned two weeks and seven years administration, expiring, 07/2015, with a forewarning, "it's all about Cameron," see Brexit. see Dan. 2.

     -I just recently had an additional night of dreaming the Antichrist, 2016, just as Trump readied to take the White house, coincidence? Believe this, he is no longer pending, explaining why I witness Jesus' Millennium follow his, Hussein Obama's. Further meaning we're entering the final week of Daniel, and the fulfillment of the "mark 17 and 7," 2003 prophecy, Jesus take the Bride 2017, return with the Bride, 7 years later, 2024, see also Noah's Ark, beware, Apb


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